The divers recently introduced new cownose rays!

There are four new cownose rays (Rhinoptera bonasus) swimming in the Giant Ocean Tank alongside the eels, sea turtles, and hundreds of tropical fish. Cownose rays are native to the Atlantic Ocean from New England south through the Caribbean, so these animals are right at home in this Caribbean reef exhibit. Watch the moment they swam into their new home!

Cownose Rays in the Giant Ocean Tank

You may have met these animals before. They used to be in the shark and ray touch tank! When they started growing too big for that exhibit, preparations were made to move them to the 200,000-gallon Giant Ocean Tank. In the touch tank, the rays ate during scatter feeds when aquarists dropped fish into the exhibit for the rays to eat. Now they are getting used to being hand-fed by the divers a couple times a day. A variety of clams, shrimp, silversides, and capelin are on the menu.  

Come visit the Aquarium and look for these rays exploring their new home!