The giant Pacific octopuses have been quite active.

While they sometimes rest smooshed in the corners of their dens, Freya and her neighbor have been treating visitors to fantastic looks at their powerful, stretchy bodies.

Here’s a taste of Freya’s beautiful and fascinating movements in the Olympic Coast Sanctuary exhibit.

A Moment with Freya

Lots More to See

A visit to the Aquarium means dozens of close encounters just like this one.

Head out to the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center to see the fur seals and learn what makes these unique and über furry marine mammals so special. There’s something so chill about watching the penguins cruise through their exhibit on the first floor—especially when it’s so hot. And don’t forget about Myrtle the green sea turtle in the Giant Ocean Tank!

Here’s just a few of the animals you might meet.

Don’t Let Summer Slip By

Just a reminder: it’s already August! Kids across the region will be heading back to school in a matter of weeks. Don’t let summer slip by without visiting some familiar fins and flippers at the New England Aquarium! There’s so much to do in the neighborhood you can definitely make a memorable day out of it.