‘Tis the Season!

New ice sculpture highlights Aquarium’s penguin conservation efforts.

It’s ice sculpture time at the New England Aquarium. A family of larger-than-life African penguins made its debut Wednesday afternoon on the Aquarium Plaza. The family—two adults and two chicks—can be found in front of the Simons IMAX® Theatre through this school vacation week and until at least First Night, weather permitting. Last year, freezing holiday temperatures meant perfect weather for the Aquarium’s giant blue lobster

The penguin family was created by ice sculptor extraordinaire Don Chapelle of Brilliant Ice Sculptures

ice sculpture of penguin family
Don Chapelle, right, surveys the African penguin family.
family watches man working on penguin ice sculpture
Children watch ice sculptor Don Chapelle, right, add a foot to a penguin.

While the penguins greeting our guests on the plaza are definitely larger-than-life, they represent some of the most popular residents of the Aquarium. This year, the number 142 is part of the sculpture and represents the number of penguin chicks that the Aquarium’s dedicated and talented staff members have successfully raised over the years.

Penguin chicks born and raised here in Boston can be found at zoos and aquariums across North America. African penguins are an endangered species, and the New England Aquarium is dedicated to protecting penguins. Working with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, we have helped develop Species Survival Plans for each of the three penguin species that can be seen at the New England Aquarium.

Come see our penguins (icy and feathery) today. Buy tickets online and skip the line outside!

Giant African Penguin Family Ice Sculpture

Over the past 10 years, Chapelle has also carved larger-than-life-sized octopuses, lobsters, seals, and sea turtles on our plaza.

The finished sculpture celebrates the 142 penguin chicks born at the New England Aquarium over the years.