All kids need playtime, even young sea lion pups.

The seals and sea lions in the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center are always offered new and interesting toys and textures to play with. Not only is it fun for them, it also keeps these marine mammal rescues healthy in mind and body. The trainers also know that some animals have favorite activities. The sea lions have always loved playing with the hose as it blasts water. Perhaps they like the feel of the water in their mouths. Who knows?

And guess who is following right in the flipper steps of his mom and aunties?

ron the sea lion pup
Ron inspects the gushing water.
ron the sea lion pup
Hmmm, testing the waters...
ron the sea lion pup
... this is fun!

Interestingly, Ron is also drinking some of the fresh water here. The sea lions are currently molting and need a little extra hydration these days. Normally, sea lions get all the hydration they need from their diet of fish, but they frequently slurp extra fresh water during molting season.