At the Aquarium, we’re always working to keep our animals healthy in mind and body.

Intelligent animals, like giant Pacific octopuses, need interaction and enrichment to keep them mentally stimulated.

So, of course, we gave Freya a pumpkin filled with fish to examine and taste this time of year! As you can see, she spent a long time contemplating this bulbous addition to her exhibit. 


A Pumpkin for the Octopus

Conservation Context

The giant Pacific octopus is very adaptable, and a single female can lay thousands of eggs when they reproduce. This means the species is able to resist the effects of human-caused threats, including overfishing, bycatch, and habitat destruction.
But octopuses and other marine animals in the Pacific Northwest do find sanctuary in marine protected areas, including the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Scientists believe that protecting large areas of the ocean through reserves can help the ocean weather the impacts of climate change, which is a threat to marine animals worldwide.