Our sea turtle rescue program always garners a lot of attention in the fall. That’s when lifeless sea turtles wash up on Cape Cod beaches and the frenzied transport, triage, and treatment of cold-stunned turtles begins. But many people may not realize that the effort to save sea turtles happens all year long.

Just this past May, several dedicated members of our rescue and rehab team drove from Quincy, Mass., all the way to Georgia to send a few now-healthy sea turtles back home into the Atlantic Ocean. During this release, 13 endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles were released—including one patient who had stranded with joint issues in 2015! 

carrying sea turtles to water's edge
We collaborated with the GA Sea Turtle Center for this happy event.
rescuers walk toward water on beach
After blood draws for scientific research, rescuers brought all the turtles to the beach.
holding sea turtles before release
The volunteers and staffers assembled with the turtles.
holding sea turtles before release
After months (and months!) of rehabilitation, the rescuers beam with excitement on days like this!
standing in water after release
Finally, they walked the turtles into the water and the healthy turtles swim off into the warm Atlantic!
group photo
Success! It takes a village to save a species.

There are still few patients left in treatment at our Animal Care Center. Currently, we have eight turtles left from last year’s stranding season, with more releases coming up this summer. Stay tuned!


Here’s a firsthand look at what it’s like to release one of the rehabilitated turtles back into to the ocean.

Sea Turtle Release — May 2017

And for a behind-the-scenes look at the beach rescues and months of rehabilitation from our epic 2014 stranding year, check out the latest film at our Simons IMAX® Theatre—Saving Sea Turtles!