Get an up-close look at these hungry sharks!

The New England Aquarium is home to sharks of all shapes, sizes, and colors, but what’s one thing they have in common? They love to eat! Watch this video to see a feeding of our adult sharks in the Science of Sharks exhibit:

Feeding the Sharks in the Science of Sharks Exhibit!

Who’s Who?

  1. coral catshark

    Marbled Coral Catsharks

  2. Epaulette Shark Profile

    Epaulette Sharks

  3. halmahera walking shark

    Halmahera Walking Sharks

Feeding Sharks

The adult tank in the Science of Shark exhibit is home to three shark species: marbled coral catsharks, epaulette sharks, and Halmahera walking sharks. These sharks share their space with two spotfin butterflyfish who work to keep the tank clean.

Aquarists feed the sharks using a method called broadcast feeding. This means the food gets scattered throughout the tank for the animals to eat as much or as little as they choose. Certain sharks, such as the Halmaheras, get fed individually at the end of a stick to ensure they get enough food and vitamins. 

The menu for shark snacktime usually includes clams, squid, krill, and silversides! 


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