In addition to our new Science of Sharks exhibit, located just down the stairs from The Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank, the visitor experience staff at the Aquarium has been hard at work creating activities to continue shark learning in other sections of the main building. As you walk through the Aquarium this summer, keep an eye out for educators working at stationary carts on each floor. They’re eager to share shark knowledge and have visitors participate in their newly created activities!

Starting on the third floor of the Aquarium, visitors can learn about our scientists’ efforts to track various shark species, such as mako and sand tiger sharks. These cartilaginous fish are tagged with an astonishing assortment of devices that are meant to ascertain their habitat range, seasonal habits, and lifespan. Educators are on hand to walk visitors through the tagging process, allow simulated tagging of our toy sharks, and even showcase real-life data obtained from subjects in the wild.

Whitney and Amanda stand next to the new shark tagging activity. Stop by to learn about how the Aquarium is tracking mako and sand tiger sharks!

Venture on down to the second floor of the building and you may run into educators talking all about shark senses. Did you know that sharks have a sixth sense that they use to detect prey? In fact, sharks are able to detect the electric fields emitted by other animals using organs called the ampullae of Lorenzini. Stop by our activity cart to learn more about these amazing adaptations and try your luck at finding food just like a shark!

Nick shows off the shark sixth sense activity. Stop by the second floor of the aquarium to find out more!

Head down the steps into the new Science of Sharks exhibit in the lower level West Wing of the Aquarium to learn even more about the biology, life cycles, and eating habits of a shark. After viewing each of the new exhibits, be sure to stop by the shark expert activity to test your knowledge with a scavenger hunt. Those who complete the challenge earn a “SHARK EXPERT” stamp that can be proudly displayed for the remainder of your day.

Staff members Lorna and Megan introduce visitors to the shark expert activity, located in the new Science of Sharks exhibit.