We have treated more than 300 sea turtles so far this year, with more than 90 turtles in treatment in our Quincy facility right now. That includes 19 larger loggerhead turtles, which are able to survive in colder temperatures than their more petite Kemp’s ridley sea turtle cousins.

rescued green sea turtle
Green sea turtle patient
kemps ridley sea turtle
Kemp's ridley sea turtle
loggerhead sea turtles in rehab
Loggerhead sea turtles
sea turtle getting exam
Sea turtle getting an exam

This is the third largest volume of turtles we’ve treated in a single season — but not by much. We’re getting close to surpassing our second record year. However, it’s getting more and more unlikely that we’ll have more turtles arrive needing treatment. Smaller Kemp’s ridley and green sea turtles cannot survive these frigid temperatures.

Meet some of the lucky patients that made it to our Sea Turtle Hospital in Quincy.

Sea Turtle Patients in Treatment