When it’s positively scorching outside, we like to think cool thoughts.

And this snowy enrichment activity with the fur seals is just the right amount of fun and frosty for today!

Northern fur seals hail from the North Pacific, and they are no strangers to cool temperatures. They have the second furriest coats in the animal kingdom (second to those fluff-balls, sea otters)! So when the trainers brought in a little snow a few weeks ago as a fun enrichment activity, they thought the seals would be all over it!

But as you can see, Luna and Kitovi were a little skeptical. They didn’t quite want to walk around on the white stuff. Don’t miss Ron’s cameo near the end!

Snow Play On a Hot Summer Day

The fur seals living at the New England Aquarium are very special. Luna and Chiidax were rescued as pups because they were unable to survive on their own, and Kitovi was born here at the Aquarium. They are all helping scientists at our Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life studying the species—and they don’t even know it! A researcher here named Katie is studying the hormone levels in their poop, which will give scientists around the world a better idea about hormone levels in healthy seals. This could one day help researchers in the field working to protect this vulnerable species in the wild. 

Learn more about Katie’s research here.

And just because it’s so hot outside, here are a few more pictures from that time those curious pinnipeds checked out the snow. 

fur seal sniffing snow
Hmm... snow in the summer?
fur seal on snow
Ooh, sneaky squid hiding on the snow!