Science is for everyone — including kids! That’s why we’re bringing our tidepool touch tanks to the March for Science this Saturday on Boston Common. While we will not be physically marching through the city, the Kids March for Science rally will include speakers (like our friend Sy Montgomery, who wrote Soul of an Octopus after spending some time with our eight-armed residents) and activity stations to engage and challenge curious future scientists attending the event.

graphic for the March for Science

Our model tidepools are brimming with treasures found along local beaches and rocky shorelines. Students will have an opportunity to dip their hands in the cool salty water to gently touch a hermit crab, rock crab, clam, or scallop. Our educators will be on hand to help young visitors compare their observations, pointing out features and adaptations of the animals in front of them. We will also guide future scientists to make deeper connections to their local coastal fauna. Don’t forget to bring questions! Lots and lots of questions. We love kindling curiosity and answering all kinds of questions.

We hope to see you!

kids touching animals in tidepool
Kids love getting their hands wet and exploring the natural world!

Details about the Kids March for Science

The Kids’ March for Science Boston celebrates the youngest members of our scientific community in support of dynamic and inclusive science education for all future scientists and supporters of science. They believe kids should have a voice in the decisions that shape the world they will inherit. Kids are scientists at heart, always observing and asking questions — science is fun and family friendly!

When and Where
  • Saturday, April 22
  • 1 – 2 p.m.: Parkman Bandstand stage entertainment for kids
  • 2 – 4 p.m.: Interactive science activities in the Kids’ Corner (Look for us here! We are just one of many awesome organizations hosting tables at this event. See the full list here.)
  • Parkman Bandstand on the Boston Common

All are welcome! All the family science fun, events, speakers, and entertainment are wheelchair-accessible and will have ASL interpreters.