This morning, we traveled out to the northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank. Imagine our surprise when we came across four humpback whales, all of which we’ve been consistently seeing on Jeffreys Ledge over the past week. We began our trip with a group of three humpbacks that included Fan, Spoon, and Valley. We watched as they slowly traveled to the south, and Fan soon surprised us by erupting into a huge tail breach.

Fan tail breach
The humpback whale Fan does a huge tail breach.

This was followed by double flipper slapping by both Fan and Spoon, and the group split up shortly after. We continued to watch Spoon flipper slap and breach as dense fog rolled into the area. We wrapped up with a brief look at Clamp before making our way back to Boston.

Watchers got to see a double flipper slap.
A Fan lobtail
A fantastic Fan lobtail.

The wind picked up considerably when we returned to Stellwagen Bank, but the trip turned out to be well worth the bumpy ride. As we approached the northwest corner, we began to notice splash after splash. The first humpback whales we came across were Tornado and her 2019 calf.

The calf was very active with many breaches and rolls at the surface. After some time we moved on to another nearby humpback whale, soon discovered to be Spoon. Spoon also began to erupt in numerous full breaches, and we even spotted a distant double breach by Tornado and calf before returning to Boston.

– Kelsey

Spoon breaches spectacularly.
whale breaches
Another breach
whale breaches
We can never get enough photos of whales breaching. Truly amazing!