Our Fourth of July 11 a.m. whale watch started with a cruise by the USS Constitution as we made our way north to Jeffreys Ledge.

Upon arrival, we spotted Spoon and Fan, who took a few long fluking dives. Spoon began to flipper slap for a bit. She surfaced forcefully, and the next thing we knew she was erupting out of the water! Fan followed suit, and both Spoon and Fan breached repeatedly in all sorts of fashion before settling down for a nap at the surface.

whale breaches
Fan flies out fo the water.
USS Constitution seen ob a whale watch
Before we got to Jeffreys Ledge, we passed the USS Constitution.

As we carefully left this pair of humpbacks, we saw a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. With glassy seas, beautiful skies, and jumping humpbacks, our morning trip was one of pure delight.

For our afternoon trip, we returned north to Jeffreys Ledge and found ourselves amongst several more humpback whales. We first saw several fluking dives from Tripod, and Chromosome. Mogul was also surfacing around the area,  although he remained independent of any association.

whale breaches
Spoon breaches.
whale flipper
Spoon raises a flipper out of the water.

Spoon made herself known by lifting her large flipper in the air, while Fan stayed at her side. The highlight of our trip was our last looks, as  Spoon, Fan, Tripod, and Chromosome joined together and surfaced right next to the boat! Many minkes dotted our sightings of even larger cetaceans to the delight of all on board. Overall, it was a fantastic day to be out on the water!

– Chelsi

whales near Whale Watch boat
Whale watch participants get a close-up view of two whales.
whale face
Spoon approaches.
whale fluke
Chromosome flashes a fluke.