Today we had an excellent trip near the southern portion of Stellwagen Bank. In total, we spent time with nine humpback whales and several seals!

We began the trip with a group of four humpback whales–Cajun, her calf, Milkweed, and Pele. We were very excited as Cajun’s calf approached the boat and circled around us. After some time, we moved on to watch another group of humpback whales–Jabiru, Mostaza, Perseid, Ganesh’s 2014 calf, and a small mystery whale still to be identified. This group was likely subsurface feeding just out of our sight.

Overall, it was a fun day to be out on the water!

– Kelsey

the flukes of two humpback whales
A rare double fluke.
Cajun's calf approaches the ship.
Cajun's 2019 calf approaches the ship.
Jabiru's fluke
Jabiru's fluke is a majestic sight.