Today we enjoyed a fantastic morning out on thus water!

We started by making our way to an area near the middle of Stellwagen Bank, and enjoyed exciting surface activity by three humpback whales.

Our first whale was Calderas’s 2016 calf, first spotted by our intern Charlie. This active two year old continuously tail breached and tail lobbed while we watched in awe.

BHC staff looking at whale
Watching the tail lobbing

After noticing another splash in the distance, we made our way over to find Jabiru and her calf! Jabiru treated us to amazing full breaches and flipper slaps while the calf rolled and tail breached at the surface. After a short while, the calf began to nurse and we made our way back to Boston still filled with excitement after our time with these incredible animals.

humpback whale breaching
Jabiru breaching
humpback whale breaching
And again!
humpback whale flipper slappingq
Jabiru flipper slapping

On this afternoon’s trip we set out to explore the northwest corner before making our way down to some deeper water near the southwest corner. It was in the south that we found another mother and calf humpback whale pair, this time being Venom and her little one! Sporadic bubble clouds alerted us to Venom’s mostly subsurface feeding, although she treated us to one powerful surface lunge that sent water flying!

Venom lunge feed
Juice lunge
Venom's calf spyhopping
Venom's calf spyhopping
Venom's fluke
Venom's fluke

Her calf then briefly rolled and spyhopped at the surface, much to the delight of passengers. As we pulled away from this pair, we got one last look at a nearby fin whale before making our way back to Boston.

— Kelsey