Today was beyond fantastic.

We headed out on the Cetacea to the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary for the 9 a.m. trip and started seeing many scattered blows from our humpback whales, interspersed with a few minke whales.

We bounced around for a bit before we noticed a larger group a bit to the south. We cruised over and spent the next 20 minutes in complete and utter awe of these marine giants as they started to open-mouth feed! This group included a mom-calf pair as well as Shuffleboard, Geometry, and Scylla. 

passengers look at the whale shuffleboard
A humpback whale dives next to the whale watch boat

The real treat came as we watched bubbles rise from below to the right of the boat, but then those bubbles moved closer and closer and the cloud began to form directly in front of our bow. We all held our breath until these humpbacks erupted through the cloud, pleats expanded, and mouths ajar. 

feeding whales
Humpback whales feeding right next to the boat
humpbacks with full mouths
pleats on filtering humpback whales

The amazement didn’t stop there. This group dove back down and before we could catch our breathes, they formed another cloud directly to the left of our vessel. This incredible open-mouth sequence occurred again. There is no doubt that all on board the boat today left with a better understanding of the power and grandeur these animals hold.

Until the next ocean adventure,
Lorna and Sam

humpbacks blowing bubbles