This morning the Cetacea headed out for another absolutely beautiful day on Stellwagen Bank. Captain Dave decided to bypass the northwest corner and headed towards the eastern edge in a move that definitely payed off.

First we spotted multiple spouts and then the splashes of a couple of active whales in the area. As we approached we were greeted by some fantastic breaches and tail breaches from an energetic youngster. It took us a while to figure out exactly who this exuberant calf belonged to as it wasn’t sighted once in company with its mom. Only a later sighting of Bounce, a mother this year, with another well know whale Bolide gave us the vital clue.

We moved on to a pair of whales engaged in some active feeding. Amulet and Dracula were engaged in some fantastic bubble feeding, driving the prey up the surface to the delight of the many gulls in attendance. Amulet wowed us with her kick feeding behavior while Dracula preferred a more sedate bubble ring and lunge just below the surface. We watched this process over and over and over again even seeing a huge school of sandlance at the surface being preyed on by the gulls and terns.

For the many first time whale watchers and even seasoned whale enthusiast on board is was a trip to remember!