Our day aboard the Sanctuary started with the 10am excursion with Captain Adam, who was determined to give our passengers a proper cetacean school! We found our lyceum north of the shipping lane and south of the Northern Valley, and here we witnessed the might of cetacean sheiks Cajun, Jabiru, and Perseid. This triad would descent on fluking dives of 5-6 minutes, and we were able to track their movements by following the zigzags of bubbles whilst they fed below.

The lucidity of the glassy sea betrayed the motives of our creatures, for we could spy the sudden oscillations of Jabiru’s tail as she changed direction at depths exceeding 20’! Cajun proved to be quite boisterous while meeting the sea with her comrades, for her trumpeting blows were echoed with tail breaches that nearly hit Perseid twice! Our return to the terrestrial realm was postponed as the trio began forming a calculated bubble wall parallel our starboard, and mayhaps the idle Sanctuary made as a barrier for fencing off a fishy school doomed for mealdom?

two whales, one fluking
Cajun and Perseid in closer quarters

The destiny of our 2pm excursion was put in the calculative hands of Captain Dave, who opted for southern adventures after convening with our morning commander. A smooth journey to the east of Midbank brought us 11 miles southeast of our morning foray, and we were welcomed by breaching and flipper slapping from a juvenile. Just another mile east and we were encompassed by four minke whales that lunged for prey from all sides! Another mile and we were greeted by two fin whales who actively pursued a megalithic luncheon. But still, we ventured further to the sea.

Our foray was met with the clamor of humpback whales who were feeding with mouths agape, kicking flukes, and bubblenets! From the cacophony we observed Cantilever, Egret, Firefly, Lavalier, Pitcher, and Wizard. We were taken aback with some otherworldly inverted lobtailing, flipperslapping, and spyhopping from the newly created calf of Wizard, born just months ago in the romantic kingdom of Silver Bank! From the madness we were accompanied from whale watchers skyward; to have a submarine would have covered all hallowed ground.

Human words fail in conveying the majesty of today’s experiences, and so you must come along to witness such treasures yourself!

— Rich