humpback breach
Eruption's calf breaching

I’ve a whale of a tale to tell of the 12pm voyage aboard the Cetacea with wily Captain Dave. Upon the glassy seaway of the Southeast Corner we spotted a miniature humpback whale heaving its ivory flippers in gawkish fashion. This unwieldy display of flipper slapping was followed by a deft flourish of tailstock, unveiling the fluke patter of Eruption’s 2016 Calf! The unfurling of this briny banner seemed as an appeal to fellow dwellers of the deep, and so surfaced the coterie of Eruption, Milkweed, Cajun, Jabiru, and Bolide! The lamb of a leviathan joined with its mother Eruption, but after greedily sucking air into ebony blowholes the adults returned to the depths, leaving Eruption’s calf to protest with tail breaches and a close spinning breach off our port bow!

humpback fluke
Eruption's calf
humpback calf spyhops
Eruption's calf spyhopping

This vibrant calf ended its procession of theatrics by splaying out with belly basking in the balmy breeze, and we elected to start another chapter elsewhere. Passengers entrenched on our stern glimpsed the distant flukes of Pele and Bristle before we headed south to diversify our sightings. We found ourselves in the company of a slumbering humpback, unencumbered by our presence while the glossy seas lapped at its drowzy blubber. Crew and patron alike wondered how it remained afloat as it hung meditatively in an emerald medium with slack tail, erupting with an exhalation on the minute. Our contemplation of this rorqual lost in reverie was concluded as a boisterous humpback whale frolicked near, casting an invitation with white pectoral sails.

whale watch passengers look at flipper
Boomerang's calf waves at passengers
two whale flippers
Boomerang's calf's flippers

We sauntered over to a cetacean who seemed to respond to our presence by rolling over and thrumming with both flippers vigorously! Its mighty flukes were gracefully liberated from the anonymity of the emerald veil, and my heart was gladdened upon recognizing Boomerang’s 2012 Calf! This whale has been lovingly anointed with many titles on my previous excursion, and the reoccurring title of “Boomstick” was celebrated today. This leviathan of four years frolicked about with ventral pleats toward the summer sun, passing our company on all sides while our vessel rolled out of gear. This boundless surface display was ended with a sounding dive exceeding several minutes, and my soul bounds at the prospect of seeing these creatures another day.

humpback whale splashing its flippers
Boomerang's calf splashes

A hearty goodbye with adventures soon to follow! Thanks to Captain Dave for a good one!

— Rich