We boarded the Aurora and departed Boston Harbor to make a drive to the northeast, where the latest reports pointed to sightings.

We cruised along the coast of Cape Ann on fairly smooth seas, but once we left the lee of the land the winds picked up and the swell height increased, adding to the excitement of our trip.

A small pod of harbor porpoise and a seal were spotted before we came across a fin whale joined by a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

white-sided dolphins
Atlantic white-sided dolphins

After one especially impressive look, we moved a few hundred yards to watch Shuffleboard as she surfaced randomly while blowing bubble clouds showing bright green under the sunlight. A minke whale also swam by as we waited for Shuffleboard to return to the surface, and we rounded out the trip with a final sighting of the fin whale/dolphins association.

fin whale
A whale surfaces to breath.

This afternoon, we hopped onto the dock and boarded the Cetacea to cruise back to the southern end of Jeffries Ledge. We first followed Shuffleboard as she made moves to the north, at one point coming up just alongside the port pulpit, startling us all!

We noticed another whale crossing her path, who then breached, so we took our chances and headed its way. Sedge was making his way around the very southern border of the ledge as evidenced by our track on the GPS plotter (see photo).

map of whale watch route
Southern edge of the ledge
nautical chart
Sedge sighting!

A seal and a minke whale each made appearances as well. Our time at the northern end of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary came to a close, and we made our way home content with another multi-species trip.

— Laura L., Bruna, Sam, and Eman