Today was one in a million. This morning we traveled to the northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank aboard the Asteria. We enjoyed the glassy seas and sunshine as we found ourselves in the midst of 7-8 humpback whales! Feeding was the name of the game this morning as we observed both Obsidian and Mogul blowing bubble clouds, occasionally lunging at the surface. There were several patches of fish easily seen at the surface of the water, and we were excited to see these whales taking advantage of the opportunity! 

We also spent some time with Owl and her 2017 calf, who strayed from her feeding mom to check out our boat! It surfaced just under the bow before making its way to our starboard side, granting everyone on board with the amazing opportunity to hang out with a humpback whale calf!

a humpback mom teaches calf to chin breach
Owl teaches her calf to chin breach
a humpback calf flaps its flippers
Owl's calf resting and playing at the surface
a mom and calf humpback flapping their flippers
Owl and her calf loll at the surface

We traveled back to the northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank for our trip this afternoon. We first spotted the humpback whale Shuffleboard milling around the area before making our way to a larger group of humpback whales nearby. This group was comprised of Chromosome, Nine, Owl, and her 2017 calf. They appeared to rest at the surface for a short while before splitting up into different directions. We chose to follow Owl and her calf, who truly treated us to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After some lobtailing and flipper slapping from the calf, both whales erupted into a double chin breach! It was such an honor to witness this teaching moment between mother and baby, and you can imagine our delight as both whales continued this display of cultural transmission. Owl and her calf took turns flipper slapping, lobtailing, and breaching! It left all of us speechless and feeling incredibly lucky to be a part of these powerful moments between mother and calf.

a humpback whale breaching
Owl breaching
a humpback whale calf breaching
Owl's calf breaching