This afternoon’s journey to the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank proved successful, as we initially spotted several blows in the area. As we headed for a closer look, we spotted a seemingly curious seal off our port side. The seal slowly swam off as we headed towards a trio of humpback whales.

seal looking at boat

We were thrilled to discover a new calf among this group, belonging to one of the Stellwagen favorites Cajun! Cajun, her 2017 calf, and a third whale named Milkweed surfaced near the boat several times, gifting us with some incredible looks. Two other groups of humpback whales slowly headed our way, as well as a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

humpback mom and calf dorsal fins
Cajun and her calf
humpback whale fluke
Cajun's fluke
humpback whale fluke
Perseid with entanglement scars

The next group that we watched was Perseid and her 2017 calf, another new mom and calf pair! This particular sighting was quite bittersweet however, as Perseid has come back to Stellwagen sporting new entanglement scars (see photo). We were also able to catch a quick glimpse of the humpbacks Mostaza and Venom before turning back to Boston.

— Kelsey