The month of October started off with a splash as we had a wonderful trip out to Jeffreys Ledge, even despite some wind and choppy seas, that included a multiple-generation sighting.

As we approached the area, we noticed several large splashes and blows from scattered humpback whales.

We started off watching a young humpback whale, Sprinkles, who treated us to many full spinning breaches, flipper slaps, and even a tail breach!

Sprinkles flipper slap
Sprinkles flipper slap
Humpback whale breaches.
Sprinkles breaches!
Humpback whale breaches
Sprinkles breaches again!
humpback whale breaches
A last look at Sprinkles breaching.

After some time, we moved on to watch a group of four slowly moving humpback whales, which included Valley, Nile, Sword, and Lunar. It was very interesting to see Sprinkles and Nile on the same trip, as Sprinkles was Nile’s calf from 2014. Making connections like this can really add to the excitement of a trip, as it’s always fun to observe and participate in the study of multiple generations!

– Kelsey

humpback whales triple fluke
Three humpback whales fluke.