Today we traveled to the southwest corner of Stellwagen for another adventurous trip aboard the Salacia. Our first sighting was of two logging humpback whales, followed by several more hungry humpbacks! We observed Aerospace, 17BH32, Hancock, Peninsula, Nile, Ouija, Rocker, and others zooming around, likely feeding somewhere deeper in the water column. Aerospace really stole the show with intermittent flipper slapping and breaching! We also observed a Mola mola and many diving gannets taking advantage of this underwater feast. It was certainly a fun and memorable day for new and seasoned whale watchers alike!

humpback closeup
Closeup on Hancock the humpback
three humpback flukes
Lots of humpback flukes!
humpback back
Clear view of humpback nostrils
humpback tail breach
Tail breach
Aerospace fluke
Aerospace fluke