We headed out to the northwest corner of Stellwagen under gloomy, rainy skies, however the precipitation let up as we made our way into the outer harbor, and by the time we passed Graves Light we could start to see a bit of a break in the clouds. Sighting conditions turned tricky again as we made our way over the bank and found ourselves completely enveloped in a fog bank. We crossed our fingers and searched hard for a nearby whale to pop up and scanned the water for fluke prints- clue of an animal that could be just under the surface. Eventually the fog cleared enough that we had a couple of miles of visibility, but it was still a fluke print that sparked our sightings- first a minke whale, and not far from that we found four humpbacks.

humpback nostrils
Humpback whale nostrils

We had a great trip with Lutris, Vault, Komodo, and UFO. They mingled with each other and mixed up their associations, keeping intern Laura on her toes! A few times that whales made close approaches, and twice they surfaced just alongside the boat. The Asteria carried a great group of hearty passengers who enjoyed themselves despite the intermittent splashes of rain, and we really enjoyed watching the whales alongside everyone today. There were plenty of great questions and comments, and I could really tell that everyone appreciated seeing these animals in their natural environment.

Laura Lilly