We kicked off the start of fall in spectacular fashion as we made our way toward southern Jeffreys Ledge.

On our ride to find larger cetaceans, we encountered a few scattered pods of harbor porpoise, making for a great start to the day.

Soon enough we found approximately 15 humpback whales, mostly scattered and in small groups. We spent time initially with a group of four humpback whales, which included Valley, Sword, and Tear. We also spent some time with three other humpback whales: Owl, Tictac, and Gunslinger. Throughout the trip we were accompanied by a number of grey and harbor seals. We wrapped up our trip with views of distant breaching and flipper slapping, along with a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. It certainly made for an amazing morning out on the water!

Valley's fluke
Valley's fluke
Owl's fluke
Owl on a fluking dive
A seal sighting makes it a multi-species day!

We returned to southern Jeffreys Ledge this afternoon, first finding two humpback whales – Gunslinger and Owl. We were enjoying our time with these two whales when a nearby breach caught our eye! This whale breached one more time before engaging in a round of flipper slapping, during which we were able to identify her as Fan. 

Owl the humpback breaching
Owl wows passengers with a breach.
humpback whale flipper slapping
Flipper slapping
Owl the humpback whale diving
Owl diving

Another yet-to-be-identified whale soon joined her, and they swam off together toward the south. We hung around to continue watching Owl and Guslinger, feeling incredibly lucky as they erupted in a massive double breach! We also had sightings of grey seals and a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins, making for one memorable multi-species day!

 — Kelsey

trio of humpback whales at surface
Trio of humpback whales on the move