The 10 a.m. Whale Watch aboard the Asteria headed to the northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

Sea conditions proved challenging for whale watching, as blows were carried off by the wind and difficult to see at first. We spotted a pair of humpbacks, who approached our vessel and dove under our pulpits. Then, everywhere we looked there was a humpback feeding! The humpbacks blew bubble clouds and lunged at the surface.

Clamp began to kick-feed, finishing her hard work with a large mouthful of fish, even allowing us to see her baleen!

humpback whale baleen
Humpback whale Clamp shows her baleen.

Individuals spotted included Grommet, Tongs, Jabiru, and Columbia. We ended our trip with a few breaches from multiple whales, as sea conditions grew.

– Chelsi, Kelsey, and David

As a proud member of Whale Sense (, we are committed to responsible whale watching practices.  All photos were taken in compliance with established guidelines and regulations. 

Boston Harbor Cruises proudly contributes its data to the Gulf of Maine Humpback Whale Catalog curated by Center for Coastal Studies.

A humpback whale breaches.
A humpback whale breaches.
Another view of a humpback whale's mouth.
Another view of a humpback whale's mouth
humpback whale fluke