Today, the Aurora traveled to the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary for our 12 p.m. whale watch. When we first stopped at the corner, we had three unassociated whales around us, including Conflux, who was flipper-slapping. There were blows in every direction!

whale tale breach
whale breaches

After a dive, Conflux joined with Bounce. We watched as this duo embarked on fluking dives together. We also spotted an ocean sunfish. Just as we were about to leave for port, we were surprised by a massive splash ahead of us. As we approached, we realized there were two humpbacks, and we watched this loose association split.

While one whale, Nuages, swam away from us, Sprinkles closely approached our vessel. He flipper-slapped, tail breached, dove under our pulpits, and came to the surface in a “headstand” (tail-first) right next to the Aurora. We felt incredibly lucky to witness such a variety of behaviors up close and happily made our way home to Boston.

– Chelsi and Sydney S.

*As a proud member of Whale Sense (, we are committed to responsible whale watching practices. All photos were taken in compliance with established guidelines and regulations. 

Photo gallery for the Whale Watch