Of course there are the whales.

But this summer, New England Aquarium/Boston Harbor Cruises Whale Watches have also featured an astonishing assortment of smaller marine animals, including Atlantic whitesided dolphins, seals, ocean sunfish (mola molas), sharks, and an assortment of birds.

Whale watchers are also treated to the beauty of Boston’s waterfront, Boston Harbor Islands, and, for some, glorious sunsets, while headed to and from hotspots for whale activity.   

Enjoy this collection of photographs taken by Boston Harbor Cruise staff during trips this year. Remember, there are still plenty more opportunities to take to the ocean to see minke, fin, humpback, and other whales.   

Marine animals

Atlantic sunfish (mola mola)
Atlantic sunfish (mola mola) on July 1, 2019
Stripers on July 3, 2019
gray seal
Gray seal on July 4, 2019
mako shark
Mako shark on August 2, 2019
loggerhead sea turtle
Loggerhead sea turtle on August 12, 2019
Atlantic white sided dolphins
Atlantic whitesided dolphins on August 16, 2019
blue shark
Blue shark on August 17, 2019

Gallery of other marine animals, including several of the unique-looking mola molas


Shearwater taking flight
A shearwater takes flight on August 20, 2019.
a colorful bird
A colorful hitchhiker on May 11, 2019
northern gannet
Northern gannet on July 10, 2019

Gallery of other birds

Scenery (just breathtaking)

whale watch sunset
Sunset on August 4, 2019
Sun sets over Thacher Island
The sun sets over Thacher Island on August 11, 2019.
Fog envelopes Boston Light
Fog envelopes Boston Light on August 18, 2019.

Gallery of other scenic photographs