at the aquarium - May 3, 2019
Spring Events Celebrate the Ocean

The first of two of the New England Aquarium’s most anticipated spring events is this weekend. The Right Whale Festival, which is Sunday, May 5, and World Oceans Day on June 9 celebrate the ocean...

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education - April 19, 2019
ClimaTeens: Teens Combating Climate Change

ClimaTeens is a group of about 40 teens who come from different backgrounds but are united by a common interest in combating climate change. ...

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at the aquarium - April 5, 2019
First Friday Facebook Live: Whales

In this month's First Friday Facebook Live, Taylor and Nick are joined by Whale Watch naturalist Lorna Blocksma to talk whales—which whale species (and other marine animals) you can see in this...

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at the aquarium - March 1, 2019
First Friday Facebook Live: Plastic and the Ocean

In this month's First Friday Facebook Live, Taylor and Nick tell us about plastic in the ocean – what it is, how it got there, the problems it causes, and solutions. ...

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education - December 4, 2018
Teens In the Spotlight

These teens are deeply involved with the New England Aquarium and our Youth Development programs. During the several years they have worked at the Aquarium, they have become great role models for the...

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aquarium animals - November 2, 2018
First Friday Facebook Live: Blanding’s Turtles

On the first Friday of every month, we go live with Aquarium educators to meet a new animal or dive deep into an important issue for our blue planet. This time, Taylor takes us behind the scenes to...

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outside the aquarium - September 13, 2018
Shop Online Like Your Planet Depends On It

Online shopping is certainly convenient. But sometimes it can be harmful to our environment. ...

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at the aquarium - September 12, 2018
Fall Lecture Series Begins Thursday

From the social behaviors of northern fur seals to documenting coral reef bleaching to the possibility of ancient life on Mars, the Aquarium's Fall 2018 Free Public Lecture Series, which begins...

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education - August 1, 2018
Aquarium Has New Offerings for Kids in PreK-Grade 2

Sea Squirts Advanced classes added for children in pre-kindergarten and K1 (ages 4 to 5 years), while AquaSTEAM provides after-school, drop-off classes for children in kindergarten through Grade 2. ...

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outside the aquarium - June 18, 2018
2018 Ocean Stewardship Awards

Each year, educators in the Aquarium's Education Department recognize teachers and schools who are working to promote an ethic of ocean conservation with our Ocean Stewardship Awards. Meet these...

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aquarium animals - May 3, 2018
Oooo, Barracuda!

Come visit the new great barracuda in our Giant Ocean Tank exhibit! ...

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aquarium animals - November 2, 2017
Baby Shark!

Do sharks lay eggs or give live birth? How does a shark egg develop? Read on to learn more about the amazing reproductive strategies of these charismatic fish, and see a selection of pictures from...

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at the aquarium - September 14, 2017
Free Lecture Series Focuses on Climate Change

Our free lecture series, which is focused this year on climate change, begins tonight at the Simons IMAX® Theatre with “Extreme Events and Climate Change: What We Know and What We Can Do,”...

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aquarium animals - September 5, 2017
Dermal Denticles!

Why does a shark's skin feel like sandpaper? Do these animals have scales like a fish, or is there something else on the outside of their body? ...

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outside the aquarium - August 2, 2017
Family Beach Days

Weather permitting, New England Aquarium educators will be heading out to Carson and Constitution beaches this summer to add an element of exploration to your day at the beach! ...

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at the aquarium - June 15, 2017
Summer Shark Activities!

As you're walking through the Aquarium this summer, you're certain to encounter some of our new shark activities! Read on to find out about the fun and immersive learning opportunities created by our...

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at the aquarium - June 12, 2017
2017 Ocean Stewardship Awards

The Aquarium Education Department's Ocean Stewardship Awards are one of the ways our educators recognize teachers and schools who are working to promote an ethic of ocean conservation and who are...

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outside the aquarium - April 20, 2017
Tidepools at the March for Science

On Saturday, April 22, Aquarium educators will be inspiring the next generation of ocean scientists at the March for Science. ...

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aquarium animals - April 13, 2017
Sharks and Their Sixth Sense

Sharks have the amazing ability to sense electric fields emanating from their prey. Read on to find out about the amazing adaptation that allows them to do so. ...

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education - April 5, 2017
Celebrate Whales, Oceans, and Science at the Aquarium

In the coming months, the New England Aquarium will be bursting with additional activity as it will host the New England Right Whale Festival and a World Oceans Day event and take part in the...

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education - November 28, 2016
Outreach Education at New England Aquarium

Imagine tidepool animals scuttling around your classroom, or a miniature beach with waves lapping away at the sand. Find out about these Aquarium education programs—and more—that can hit the road...

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education - November 16, 2016
Educating Educators About Climate Change

We are giving informal science educators the tools to talk to the public about climate change. This is what Visualizing Change looks like. ...

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education - November 15, 2016
Highest Tides and Sea Level Rise

With king tides and super moons, future coastlines with sea level rise are all too real in some areas. But do you know why sea levels are on the rise? ...

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education - November 10, 2016
Teen Intern: Fatima

Dozens of teens intern at the Aquarium every summer, learning useful skills while having fun and meeting new friends. They are an exemplary bunch, but Fatime Sidibe is one that stood out for facing...

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education - July 28, 2016
Outdoor Fun on the Harbor Islands

Aquarium educators are spending time on the Harbor islands teaching folks about what lives on our local beaches. They're bringing some fascinating creatures for show and tell! ...

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