Millions of Americans visit informal science centers each year, eager to learn about our natural environment.

To make the most of the capacity of zoos, aquariums, and nature centers to engage the public in one of the most important scientific issues of our time, the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI) equips the science educators at these institutions to engage their visitors in constructive conversations about climate change.

Since 2010, NNOCCI has offered a rigorous training program that includes lectures from renowned climate scientists, grounding in evidence-based science translation techniques, and a supportive community of other educators who also want to make a difference on the issues facing our environment. This training effort has engaged informal science education institutions nationwide. NNOCCI has facilitated 15 “Study Circles” with 440 members from 184 institutions across 38 states, with participation from 30 ocean/climate scientists affiliated with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Together, we are working to change the public conversation about climate change to be inviting, interesting, empowering, and solutions-focused. External and internal evaluations show that NNOCCI is having a positive impact on climate interpretation in informal science centers—and on visitors. You can learn more about this exciting initiative by watching this 2.5-minute video and by exploring more at

NNOCCI is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Our partners:
  • Frameworks
  • New Knowledge Organization
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • National Aquarium in Baltimore
  • COSI
  • Penn State University
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