Location: Simons IMAX Theatre

Aquarium Lecture Series

The Importance of Atlantic Salmon

Tuesday, October 30

Every spring for thousands of years, the rivers that empty into the North Atlantic Ocean turn silver with migrating fish. The king of fish, the Atlantic salmon, once swam among the crowded schools. From New York to Labrador, from Russia to Portugal, sea-bright salmon defied current, tide, and gravity, driven inland by instinct and memory to the very streams where they emerged from gravel nests years before. Their journey inspired myths, stories, and cultural traditions across their range. For 80 years, the first Atlantic salmon caught by anglers in Maine’s Penobscot River was presented to the President of the United States, one of many “first fish” rituals around the world and part of the intertwined history of people and nature.

This lecture is part of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s International Year of the Salmon, an effort to raise awareness about the challenges salmon face from environmental change and human activities across the Northern Hemisphere.