Location: Simons IMAX Theatre

Aquarium Lecture Series

Kerstin and the Giant Manta Ray: Film screening and Q & A

Wednesday, September 26

The film Kerstin and the Giant Manta Ray features Peruvian marine scientist and social entrepreneur Kerstin Forsberg and her pioneering efforts to protect giant oceanic manta rays in Peru. To save these enigmatic species, which are globally threatened by overfishing and bycatch, Forsberg and her team at Planeta Océano garnered the help of local fishing communities, government officials, and international organizations. She also engaged teachers and schoolchildren throughout Peru in raising awareness and building appreciation for these gentle giants as flagship species of their country. Through leading these collaborative efforts, Forsberg brought about the full protection of manta rays in Peru in 2015. She received international recognition for her work, including a prestigious Whitley Award, and was named a Rolex Laureate and New England Aquarium Marine Conservation Action Fund Fellow. However, Forsberg notes there is much more work to be done to continue this conservation success story and ensure a bright future for this iconic species.

Join us for the film screening followed by a question-and-answer period and discussion with Kerstin Forsberg.