Location: Simons Theatre

Special Public Event

Special Sea Turtle Programming

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Participate in a morning of free sea turtle activities in the Simons Theatre Lobby. Purchase a ticket to watch a screening of Turtle Odyssey at 9 a.m. or noon in the theater. Activities start at 9:30 a.m.


Sea turtle, land turtle, tortoise – oh my!
* What are the differences between turtles on land and turtles in the sea?
* Compare and contrast shells
* Observe real shells up close and try on some shells

I spy the local guy
* Use laminated pictures to get to know local species of land and sea turtles (including Blanding’s turtles and red-bellied cooters)

Help a sick turtle
* Use the turtle stuffed animals and vet kits to go through a “AquaVet” procedure. Temperature, shots, bandages, etc., to be administered to stuffed animals alongside the laminated book of all the steps taken by our “AquaVets.”

Temperature-dependent sex determination game
* Using rolling dice game, learn the effects of temperature on the sex of turtle eggs and how climate change is skewing the genders of turtles.