Make a splash in your classroom with our resource kits!

The Teacher Resource Center (TRC) provides theme-based kits on a variety of topics to make ocean education engaging, inspiring, and informative.

Kits may contain specimens, activities, books, and media suitable for classroom learning. These resources are designed for students in grades K–8, but can be adapted for high school classrooms.

Kits are free to borrow and can be loaned for up to three weeks at a time. Educators can also borrow from our extensive library of biofacts (including shells, bones, and crustacean molts), books, and educational films to supplement your classroom lessons. Resources must be picked-up and dropped-off at the New England Aquarium TRC, and we offer curbside service for your convenience.

Please contact us at or 617-973-6590 to check availability, reserve a kit, or obtain more details.


Kits available for loan

  1. Amphibians and Reptiles

    • Amphibian Alert Kit (conservation of amphibians)
    • Bullfrogs, Snails, and Turtle Tales Kit (compares turtles and frogs)
    • Frogs and Amphibians Kit
    • Reptile Kit
    • Sea Turtle Kit
    • Turtles Kit
  2. Birds

    • Penguin Kit
  3. Classification

    • Shape of Life Kit (classification of marine phyla with specimens and activities)
    • Shells Kit
    • Skulls and Bones Kit
  4. Climate Change and Conservation

    • Alternative Energy — Wind Kit (build and test model turbines)
    • Climate Change Backpack Kit
    • Connect-It Tiles (climate change communication activity)
    • Eco-House Kit (energy conservation)
    • Marine Debris Kit
  5. Endangered Species

    • SCUTES Atlantic Sturgeon Kit (NOAA)
    • Suitcase for Survival Kit (endangered animal parts trade)
  6. Fish

    • Fish Kit
    • SCUTES Atlantic Sturgeon Kit (NOAA)
    • Seahorse Kit
    • Sharks Kit
  7. Fresh Water

    • Pond Kit
    • Rainforest Kit
    • Slice of Pond Kit (field equipment for exploring ponds)
    • Stream Ecology Kit (field equipment for exploring macroinvertebrates)
    • Watershed to Bay Kit (hands-on lab activities to model wetlands and watersheds)
  8. Habitats and Ecosystems

    • Coral Reef Kit
    • Deep Sea Kit
    • Tidepool Kit
    • Tidepool Tools Kit (field equipment for exploring tidepools)
  9. Language Arts and Scientific Writing

    • Closer Look Kit (observation-based science and language arts activities)
  10. Mammals

    • Beaver Kit
    • Dolphins Kit
    • Manatee Kit
    • Seals and Sea Lions Kit
    • Skulls and Bones Kit (collection of small mammal and bird skulls with activities)
    • Whale Kit (activities and biofacts, including whale bones and baleen)


  11. Marine Invertebrates

    • Cephalopods Kit
    • Horseshoe Crab Kit
    • Jellies Kit
    • Lobster Kit
    • Sea Star Kit

To check kit availability, reserve a kit or obtain more information, please contact us at or 617-973-6590.

Please note: Kit topics and resources are subject to change. This list was last updated September 2018.