sketch of child looking into tidepool

Fun Activities to Do

These are fun activities kids can do at home with materials that you can usually find at home. There are also a wide range of classroom activities, many of which can be adapted to use at home.

seaweed, sea star, barnacles, rocks in tidepool tray

Home School Activities

The New England Aquarium is committed to providing interactive and informative programming for students in homeschool programs. Please check out our offerings and we thank you for considering us for your next homeschool field trip.

Heidi Bell makes her crafts

Activities for Home or in the Classroom

Make the most of your Aquarium visit! Use these resources to plan for your field trip or add some fun to your ocean education activities with our activity guides.

Climate Change and the Ocean

Learn about the science of climate change. Just as human systems affect the ocean, the ocean affects life on land.