Make the most of your Aquarium visit!

Use the resources below to plan for your field trip or add some fun to your ocean education activities with our activity guides. 

Activities to Do at Home or In the Classroom

Printouts and ideas for games make learning about the ocean fun. Click the links below for some ideas!

drawing of fish
Ocean Exploration Out-of-School Activity Book

If you are looking carefully in your own backyard for birds and insects, testing to see what materials float or sink in water, or trying to construct the perfect parachute for an action figure, then you are doing science!

Make a deep sea vent activity-drawing
Fun Activities to Do at Home

These are fun activities kids can do at home with materials that you can usually find at home. There are also a wide range of classroom activities, plus beautifully illustrated booklets about tidepools written for three different reading levels available for download.

A Visual Tour Prezi

Share this presentation with chaperones or a group of students before your visit. You’ll find out where bathrooms are or see what kind of animals to expect in our exhibits! 


Watch these videos to get an idea of what to expect when you come to the Aquarium and learn how to interact with the animals in our popular shark and ray touch tank.

Field Trip Orientation Video

Meeting Sharks and Rays

Chaperone Maps

Enhance your visit to the New England Aquarium, and help chaperones feel confident about leading a group, with these chaperone guides. Each are designed to build science skills and group discussion by providing guiding questions to explore during your visit. Select the grade span and topic that best supports your classroom curriculum or field trip goals.

Grade level guides:

Pre-kindergarten–Grade 2
Grades 3–5
Grades 6–8
Grades 9–12