Activities during the trip can help kids focus on what’s important — and remember what they see.


Programs for Field Trips

Add a range of programs to your Aquarium visit, including classes, films, guided tours behind the scenes, or excursions on a New England Aquarium Whale Watch.

  1. Add a Simons Theatre film to your field trip

    Amazing super-sized films will take your students where they’ve only dreamed of going—on incredible journeys to the bottom of the sea, outer space, and almost everywhere in between. The films provide students of all ages with larger-than-life experiences, perfect for capturing the imagination and interest of young minds. Concession packs and teacher guides for films are also available. 

    Teachers and groups visiting the Aquarium may:

    • Arrange to see a movie
    • Ask about showing a film from our library
    • Get Teacher Resource Guides for individual films

    Please reserve your screenings and concession packs while you are setting up your field trip or making your group reservation.

    For field trips, a 50% nonrefundable deposit is due 30 days before your arrival date, and the remaining balance is due one week before arrival. See our field trip pricing and payment policies for more information.

  2. Whale Watch for Field Trips

    Have your entire group assemble on the plaza near the Whale Watch/Group Check-In booth while the head chaperone checks in. Chaperones must remain with their group at all times.

    Please make sure everyone in your group knows how to get ready for a whale watch, including proper clothing. For more information, please see our main Whale Watch page or contact Central Reservations at 617-973-5206.

  3. Explorer Programs For Field Trips

    Our Explorer Classes are a great accompaniment to any field trip to the Aquarium. Students learn about marine life and habitats, practice science skills and are encouraged to develop a stronger science identity. Each program is designed to reinforce grade-specific science topics and to provide a hands-on component to you Aquarium field trip experience.

  4. Behind-the-Scenes Tours for Field Trips

    Imagine what it takes to run the New England Aquarium. From making sure animals are healthy to inspecting tanks and introducing new animals into the exhibits, our biologists work hard every day to make sure the Aquarium runs efficiently.

    Now it’s your turn to get a sneak peek into the life behind the glass. Join an educator for a personalized Behind-the-Scenes Tour of one of our many galleries. You’ll learn what the animals eat, how their tanks are maintained, and many other tidbits.

    • Offered for grades 3-5 and grades 6-12
    • Limited to 10 people per tour
    • Can be a program for an Aquarium field trip
    • Involves live animals
    • Also offered for nonschool groups


Activities for Field Trips

To make the most of your field trip and reinforce what your students will learn, there are connected activities you can do before, during, and after the field trip.

  1. Pre-Field Trip Activity

    Watch our Orientation Video

  2. Pre-Field Trip Activity

    Teacher Guides

    Try a teacher guide for a more comprehensive look at an animal or topic.

  3. Pre- or Post-Field Trip Activity

    Bring the Aquarium to your classroom

    Invite Aquarium educators to your school through the Traveling Education programs. Students learn about local marine life and habitats, practice science skills and are encouraged to develop a stronger science identity.

  4. Pre- or Post-Field Trip Activity

    Suggestions for Families to do at Home

    Get parents involved by suggesting activities for students to do at home; these activities can also be easily adapted for the classroom.

  5. During the Field Trip

    Add an Aquarium Program

    Try one of our scavenger hunts to help students focus on what’s important and interesting during their Aquarium field trip.

  6. During the Field Trip

    Chaperone Guides

    Enhance your visit to the New England Aquarium, and help chaperones feel confident about leading a group, with these chaperone guides. Each are designed to build science skills and group discussion by providing guiding questions to explore during your visit. Select the grade span and topic that best supports your classroom curriculum or field trip goals.

    Grade level guides:

    Pre-kindergarten–Grade 2
    Grades 3–5
    Grades 6–8
    Grades 9–12

Making a Reservation

Please make your reservation at least two weeks in advance to qualify for the group rate. Book your field trip or program with Central Reservations at 617-973-5206, email or complete a group inquiry form.