The New England Aquarium is committed to providing interactive and informative programming for students in homeschool programs.

We are in the process of creating our fall 2019 homeschooling program. Please continue to check back for more details. If you would like to be placed on an email list for homeschooling updates, please email

Activities for Homeschoolers

Below, find activities to help you explore the Aquarium more deeply. These activities encourage content learning and improve science skills as well as support math and literacy development. You can choose to focus on ecology, ethology, or zoology, or focus on the skills practiced. Pick a focus area to guide your own experience through the Aquarium. Aquarium educators will be available to help you work on these investigations. Each activity includes a list of recommended materials to bring with you. A pencil and clipboard are always recommended.

  1. Aquarium Activities

    Topics and Skills




    Data and

    Communication and


    (study of ecosystems)

    Tank Expert

    Adaptation & Survival

    Dive Deeper

    Visit the Giant Ocean Tank (GOT)

    GOT Census & GOT Fishes Guide

    PIPA Blog
    Divers Blog

    (study of
    animal behavior)

    Follow One Animal

    Penguin Observations

    Seal Studies

    Watch a Harbor Seal or
    Fur Seal Training Session

    Penguin Distribution

    Seal Observations

    Shark Scientists Tools

    Secret Animal

    Training Vocabulary

    Training Blog

    (study of animal life)

    New England Adaptations
    Animal Adaptations guide 


    Shark Observation

    Life Drawing

    Fish mouths 
    Bony Fish (Bony Fish Guide, GOT Fishes Guide)
    Rescue Blog

    *Get at-home extensions for our IMAX movies.

    *iNaturalist is a great free resource for identifying organisms you find in the field (you can even try your hand at helping others identify their finds!). Works on computer or mobile device.