Established in 1996, Harbor Discoveries was the first camp program to make extensive use of the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park as a living laboratory for aquatic science education and environmental stewardship.

The combination of science, Aquarium and local habitat exploration, and traditional camp activities results in a truly unique experience. The program fosters appreciation of the importance of habitats for all life, and helps prepare campers to become stewards of our blue planet. Harbor Discoveries seeks to meet the need for out-of-school opportunities by providing meaningful summer programs that stimulate the mind while nurturing personal growth and development.

As with all programs geared toward teens and youth at the Aquarium, it is our sincere goal that participation in programs such as Harbor Discoveries summer camps will contribute to the development of tangible skills that are useful to any individual. Career Opportunity and Skills learning, positive Life Skills development, and Ocean Science Literacy are core to what we seek to develop in the many who participate in our various Youth Development programs.

We are proud of the accomplishments of our many inspired and empowered alumni who have affiliated with the program. Many of those involved with our camps have gone on to become accomplished and award-winning teachers in the community, a theatric performer in New York City, a visiting lecturer at university in Singapore leading group trips around the region, and have earned Ph.D.s in marine science, conducting research in Antarctica, South Africa, and elsewhere. Whether or not our campers follow marine science or ocean stewardship as a career, they all grow an appreciation for our reliance on and responsibility to the world around us.

Harbor Discoveries Program

Harbor Discoveries camp complies with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is licensed by the Board of Health.