Our audience includes teachers for grades pre-K to 12 and out-of-school instructors such as camp counselors. Most of our visitors are from New England, but they also come from around the world. Whether lessons take place inside our exhibit halls or your classroom walls, we have programs to fit any teacher’s curriculum and grade level, including guidelines for the Massachusetts Curriculum Standards.

Edcuation kid for teacher about turtles

Teacher Guides

Our teacher guides contain suggestions for instruction and activities around a selected topic.

A girl posts her drawing at the New England Right Whale Festival on May 6, 2018.

Classroom Activities

Use these group activities in your classroom before or after an Aquarium field trip or on their own.

Field Trips

  1. General Field Trip Information

    A visit to the New England Aquarium is a fun and engaging way to reinforce lessons learned in the classroom.

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  2. Step-by-step field trip planning guide

    From start to finish, our step-by-step planning guide has all the information you need to plan an Aquarium field trip.

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  3. Field trip orientation video

    Get your students and chaperones ready for their Aquarium visit. Link goes to our YouTube channel.

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  4. Massachusetts Curriculum Standards

    Aquarium visits and our programs are a strong fit for the Massachusetts Curriculum Standards.

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Connect with Us

New England Aquarium staff are happy to assist if you need more information about what programs we offer or how to support your young explorers in becoming ocean protectors. Contact us at virtualprograms@neaq.org.

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