Have you participated in the New England Aquarium’s Youth Development Programs? We want to hear from you!

If you are 18 or older and have participated in any one of our programs, including teen internship, live blue™ Ambassador, Marine Biologist in Training, World of Water Explorers, Harbor Discoveries camps or a teen dive program, let’s reconnect. Simply update your contact information below. We’ll be sure to share exciting updates and events!
The New England Aquarium’s Alumni Office is dedicated to providing professional resources, volunteer and leadership opportunities and reflection practices to help young adults who participated in our programs. We still want to help you grow and identify yourself as an ocean steward.

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The Aquarium’s teen programs have made a big impact on many of your alumni peers. Here’s how the Aquarium has influenced them:

  • The Aquarium inspired me to pursue sustainability as at least a minor in college. I am interested in traveling abroad and learning about and solving environmental concerns.
  • The Aquarium certainly taught me work ethic and developed my love for the ocean. Having the opportunity to begin working at a young age, I gained work ethic and learned how it feels to earn your own money. Ever since I’ve been very independent. I always refer back to the NEAq and remember those initial feelings.

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