One way we can work together to protect our planet from the impacts of climate change is to change the way we consume energy, replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy! 

The New England Aquarium is a catalyst for global change, to support and protect our vital and vibrant oceans, and one issue that we care about is climate change! When we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas, it releases carbon dioxide which goes out into the Earth’s atmosphere.  This carbon dioxide acts like a blanket around our planet, trapping the Earth’s heat.   

Learn more about making the switch to renewable energy with our FAQs below or visit to get started.

  1. Can I supply my home or business with renewable energy?

    All Massachusetts residents and businesses have the option to supply their homes or apartments with renewable energy! 

  2. I don’t own my home, I rent—can I still make the switch?

    Yes! You do not have to be a homeowner to switch to renewable energy. Any electricity consumer in Massachusetts can make the switch. 

  3. Where does the renewable energy come from?

    Renewable energy is produced by replenishable or infinite sources, such as the sun, wind, and water. Electricity generated from renewable sources has a lower impact on public health and the environment than that produced from fossil fuel! 

  4. Will my electricity provider change?

    No, the current electricity company who distributes your electricity, such as NSTAR (Eversource) or National Grid, will not change. What will change is where that energy is supplied from. 

  5. Will my electric bill go up?

    The cost to switch to renewable energy for most households ends up being an extra 45-74 cents per day. Your total additional payments for renewable energy are  also 100% federally tax-deductible! 

  6. If I choose 100% renewable energy, does that mean that all of my electricity actually comes from renewable resources?

    Not necessarily. The electricity that flows into your home and/or business may not be fully renewable, however, purchasing a 100 % renewable product guarantees that renewable energy will be produced to match your energy consumption. 

  7. I want to help protect our oceans, our planet, and our people from the impacts of climate change, and I am ready to make the switch! How do I get started?

    Grab a copy of your electrical bill, and head to to see your different options! 

Watch our video on how to make the switch!

By making the switch together, we can reduce the amount of fossil fuels we consume, and be part of the climate solution!