Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Members-only evening.

It was a Wednesday night that could only be appreciated during an April School Vacation Week. The skies were clearing, the weather was warming, and our members got an evening at the Aquarium all to themselves. Well, all to themselves plus our somewhat rowdy bunch of northern fur seals!

Basking in the spirit of the Aquarium’s new Life According to Fur Seals program, members got a full helping of fur seal activities. Our marine mammal trainers presented a fur seal training session during which they taught members how to best care for our über furry friends, then answered everyone’s burning questions about these amazing animals and their way of life. If you didn’t think that was enough, our scientists from the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life helped members test seal poop (don’t worry, just replicas!) for various hormones to see for themselves how our researchers make sure our seal pals are healthy.

Thanks to everyone who came out for this fur-seal-abulous night. If you weren’t able to join us, don’t worry! We have plenty more member events lined up this year. Just check back here regularly to see what’s happening next―it’s sure to be a splashing good time!

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