Premium Member-Exclusive Event 

Sunday, September 10 
Sunday, September 17 
Sunday, September 24 

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for our very first Premium-exclusive event, September Sundays. Each morning provided a peek into what happens at the Aquarium before we open to the public, as well as some special experiences that highlighted the Aquarium’s research and conservation work, including watching shark target feeding demonstrations and a private screening of the amazing documentary Saving Sea Turtles. We were happy to see so many members breathing in the “Zen” of the exhibits as the lights began to rise and enjoying one-on-one conversations with the many staff and volunteers who were here in the early hours to answer those burning questions.

With great feedback from so many Premium members who attended September Sundays, we’re charged up and planning for more VIP early morning events in 2018… so stay tuned!