Auto Renew is a great way to renew your membership year to year without ever experiencing a lapse in benefits. Simply enroll in the program within the first eight months of your current membership year, and we’ll automatically renew your membership in your month of expiration on the credit card you provide. By enrolling in Auto Renew, you save the Aquarium resources and administrative costs—a savings we can then to give back to you! Each year your membership renews on the program, you’ll save 10% off the then current rate for your membership level. You will receive one notification letter about a month before your credit card is to be charged, reminding you of the upcoming renewal and giving you the opportunity to make changes to your enrollment information, such as new credit card information, name and address changes, or changing your membership level.

If you are a member of the New England Aquarium Dive Club as well, we will conveniently renew your Dive Club membership at the same time we renew your Aquarium membership. Please note though that the 10% discount ONLY applies to your Aquarium membership, NOT to Dive Club.

To enroll in Auto Renew, simply click the button below to download our PDF form and return it to us within the first eight months of your membership year. If you are within four months of your membership expiration date, you will need to pay the full amount for your upcoming renewal and enroll in Auto Renew at that time. You’ll receive the 10 percent discount each following year your membership renews on the program.

The Fine Print: Auto Renew is only available on credit card purchases of all Standard and Premium level memberships. Auto Renew is not available on gift of membership purchases. Non-U.S. credit card accounts are not eligible for the Auto Renew program.