The New England Aquarium and Women’s Energy Network (WEN) would like to thank those who volunteered on Saturday, June 22, at Belle Isle Marsh Reservation!

Your efforts made a huge difference for the health and beauty of this vibrant and vital ecosystem.

Despite being a remote area with minimal foot traffic, the “key” of Belle Isle is not immune to trash accumulation. Tides and wind bring in litter and debris from the nearby ocean and urban areas that have significant consequences for the range of wildlife that call this area home. Our efforts on Saturday went a long way in restoring the marsh, but the challenge of maintaining these conditions is ongoing.

Belle Isle Marsh cleanup group
The Belle Isle Marsh Reservation cleanup crew.

Anyone interested in doing this kind of work can check this list of Live Blue Service Corps (LBSC) volunteer opportunities. These are fantastic ways to not only give back to the environment, but to also connect with other ocean enthusiasts in the Boston area.

Another way to join a network of like-minded individuals is by becoming a member of The Tide and/or WEN Boston, if you aren’t one already. Both of these groups allow young professionals to become involved in creating a sustainable future for our planet. This goal is central to our organizations, and your engagement and support help us make important progress in reaching it.

Belle Isle MArsh cleanup
(Photo/Reba Saldanha) Volunteers clean Belle Isle Marsh on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

We hope you will join us next month for our Plastic Free July, a global challenge to refuse single-use plastics. Join our team and become a part of the movement. All you need to do is create a profile, join the Protectors of the Blue-NEAq Community, and choose your challenges!

Once again, thank you for your participating in the cleanup this past weekend.

people at Belle Isle cleanup
(Photo/Reba Saldanha) Volunteers clean Belle Isle Marsh on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

View lots more photos by Reba Saldanha!

A swag bag was given to the first 25 people to register!


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