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Beyond the Aquarium - September 27, 2019
ClimaTeens Participate in Climate Strike

"We were all connected by the fact that we were marching beside one another and fighting for the same cause." A group of the Aquarium's ClimaTeens participate in the Climate Strike in Boston. ...

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Beyond the Aquarium - September 25, 2019
Climate Change and Our Ocean

This week, during Climate Week, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a new special report that highlights exactly how climate change is affecting our oceans....

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Beyond the Aquarium - August 28, 2019
Zero Waste Boston

When waste isn’t properly disposed of, it pollutes our streets and our waterways. As residents of a coastal city, we’re responsible for the waste that ends up in our ocean. But we also have the...

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Beyond the Aquarium - November 28, 2018
Taking Action on Climate Change

Climate change is real and happening now. Everyone and everything are affected by climate change. What matters now is what we’re doing about it. ...

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Aquarium Animals - July 3, 2018
A Penguin Supercolony

A previously unknown “supercolony” of 1.5 million Adélie penguins was recently discovered on the Danger Islands, a cluster of islands off the tip of Antarctica. ...

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At the Aquarium - March 3, 2018
Weathering the Nor’easter

A nor'easter walloped New England with powerful gusts, fierce rain, and floods. Those floods were definitely a sight on Central Wharf. Take a look. ...

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