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At the Aquarium - October 9, 2019
Night and Day in the Giant Ocean Tank

At 8 a.m. each day, the night lighting above the Giant Ocean Tank transitions to daylight, during which time there is a beautiful blue hue that lasts for a few minutes. The GOT's lighting replicates...

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Giant Ocean Tank - July 18, 2019
Giant Ocean Tank - March 20, 2019
Boston Sea Rovers Intern Dives into Aquarium Experience

As the 2018 intern for the Boston Sea Rovers, Jake Stout got the chance to travel and dive around the country and world. As part of the internship, different Sea Rovers hosted him, including the New...

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Giant Ocean Tank - January 12, 2017
Retiring After 5,000-plus Dives

Retiring Aquarium diver Sherrie Floyd makes the last of her 5,000-plus dives before an audience of visitors and a large collection of her fellow Aquarium staffers. ...

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