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Aquarium Animals - June 29, 2018
Northern Fur Seals: Furry, Flexible, Flippered and Fabulous

Our northern fur seals, the stars of Life According to Fur Seals at the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center, are famously known for their thick fur. They have many other special adaptations...

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Beyond the Aquarium - June 26, 2018
Fur Seals on the T

At the New England Aquarium, we're ready for summer. The front plaza is buzzing with life, and the fur seals overlooking Boston Harbor are splashing at play. That also means that our fun summer ads...

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Aquarium Animals - May 18, 2017
Hot Weather, Cool Seals

When it gets hot outside, the trainers bust out the ice cubes and let the fur seals have fun. ...

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Aquarium Animals - May 12, 2017
Mother’s Day in the Marine Mammal Center

At the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center this Mother's Day, we have a wonderful mother-daughter group we’d like to share with you! ...

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Aquarium Animals - January 27, 2017
Hot Tub Enrichment Time

The seals and sea lions are often offered new toys and experiences as part of their enrichment program. See how they reacted to a kiddy pool of warm water! ...

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Marine Mammals - September 26, 2016
Even Seals Need Manicures

Some of our seals need their nails trimmed, some don't. Learn more pedicures for pinnipeds! ...

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